Territorial heritage

The Colline Metallifere National Park, one of the first thematic parks to be set up in Italy, offers an experience that is hard to find elsewhere.

According to the Ministerial Decree establishing the Park (28/2/2002 by the Ministry of the Environment in application of Law 388/2000), the Park covers a total area of 25,000 hectares and includes 34 sites. Following the drafting of the Master Plan and entry into the European and Global Geoparks network under the patronage of UNESCO, the area has been extended to 1087 square kilometres (108,700 hectares, with 81 sites indicated) and includes seven municipalities in the north of the Province of Grosseto: Follonica, Gavorrano, Massa Marittima, Montieri, Monterotondo Marittimo, Roccastrada and Scarlino.

The area covered by CETS is considered to be the latter.

There are 34 sites identified by the decree:

  • Mining Areas 21
  • Metal and steel installations 5
  • Medieval castles 4
  • Transport installations 2
  • Geothermal systems 2

34 in total

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List of sites in the Metalliferous Hills National Park according to the Ministerial Decree of 2002 (28/2/2002 issued by the Ministry of the Environment in application of Law 388/2000)

Municipality Definition Area Location Site
Monterotondo M. Quarry 1 Monte Leo Allumiere
Monterotondo M. Lake 2 San Federigo Boraciferous Lake
Monterotondo M. Lake 3 Le Biancane Lagoni
Montieri Mine 4 Poggio Mutti Poggio Mutti Mine and Quarry, Romano Quarries, Montevecchio Mines
Montieri Mine 5 Montieri Beato Giacomo Well, Buca delle Fate Mine, Buca delle Fate Quarry, Santa Barbara Gallery, Santa Maria Mine, Fonte Ghiacci Gallery, Leopoldo Well, La Polveriera
Montieri Mine, Ore Processing Plants 6 La Merse Cagnano Mine, Bagnolo-Roste Mine, Pelagone Plant, Le Merse, Valle Buia Mine
Montieri Mine 7 Campiano Campiano Mine, Ribudelli
Montieri Mine, Ore transport equipment 8 Boccheggiano Pitordini Tunnel, Mulignoni Mine, Botroni Mine, Baciolo Mine, Dechars Hot Water Mine, Cavagigli Mine, Ballarino Mine, Rigagnolo Mine, L’Angolo Cableway Installations, Drainage Tunnel, La Torna Mine
Massa M.ma Medieval settlement 9 Rocchette Pannocchieschi Castle
Monterotondo M. Medieval settlement 10 Cugnano Castle
Massa M.ma Mine 11 Montebamboli Montebamboli
Massa M.ma Medieval and modern mine shafts 12 Valle dello Stregaio Stregaio Valley
Massa M.ma Mine, Ore Processing Plants 13 Niccioleta Settlement basins 1-2-3, Poggio alla Madonna and Pozzo Rostan Landfills, Pozzo Rostan, Niccioleta mine, former recreational club, Pozzo Ovest, Pozzo Corvo, Scolo tunnel, Fontegrilli, Pozzo Tosi, La Stima
Massa M.ma Pre-industrial metallurgical plants 14 Marsiliana Marsiliana
Massa M.ma Medieval settlement 15 Castellaccia Castellaccia
Massa M.ma Steel processing plant 16 Valpiana Valpiana
Massa M.ma Medieval and modern mine shafts 17 Serrabottini Landfills, Ancient Pozzini
Massa M.ma Mine, Ore Processing Plants 18 Fenice Capanne Carlo well, former flotation plants, Salerno well, Gustava-Speranza tunnel, tailings ponds, inert waste dumps.
Massa M.ma Mine 19 La Pesta Well 4
Massa M.ma Metallurgical plants 20 Accesa Furnaces
Follonica Steel plant (blast furnace and ironworks) 21 Ex Ilva Ex Ilva
Scarlino Transport equipment 22 Portiglioni Shipping Centre
Scarlino Transport equipment 23 Scarlino Scalo Storage and Shipping Centre
Gavorrano Coal Mine 24 Casteani Casteani
Gavorrano Medieval settlement 25 Castel di Pietra Castel di Pietra
Gavorrano Mine 26 Rigoloccio Rigoloccio
Gavorrano Mine and Quarry 27 Pozzo Impero – Cava San Rocco Pozzo Impero – Cava San Rocco
Gavorrano Mine, Ore processing plant 28 Pozzo Roma Pozzo Roma
Gavorrano Mine, Ore processing plant 29 Ravi Marchi Ravi Marchi
Gavorrano Mine 30 Val Maggiore Val Maggiore
Roccastrada Steel plants (ironworks) 31 Fiume Farma Ironworks
Roccastrada Mine 32 Roccatederighi Roccatederighi Mine, Acquanera Mine
Roccastrada Medieval mine shafts 33 Poggio Mozzeto Poggio Mozzeto
Roccastrada Coal mine 34 Ribolla Ribolla