Gateways to the Park in Roccastrada

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Ribolla Civic Centre


Address: Via Della Libertà – Ribolla (GR)


The multi-purpose centre is the result of the renovation of the building known as “Former cinema Mori”. The facility features two large halls, one with 200 seats, and an exhibition space with offices and services, as well as a mobile stage for musical and theatrical events. The Civic Centre is a hub dedicated to cultural development, aggregation and socialisation for the whole community, with particular reference to Ribolla’s mining past and the memory of the tragic events of 4 May 1954.


Accessibility for people with disabilities: Accessible



Info and reservations: 0564 578033





Vine and Wine Museum


Address: Via Indipendenza – Roccastrada (GR)


The Roccastrada Vine and Wine Museum documents and promotes the wine-growing culture of the Metalliferous Hills, with particular reference to the local DOCG wine, Monteregio di Massa Marittima. Panels at the entrance illustrate rural culture. A selection of wines produced in the area is displayed in the second hall. The third part is an atmospheric cellar carved out of a rock tunnel, where traditional winemaking tools are on display. The museum also houses a tourist information centre of the Ambito Turistico Maremma Nord and is one of the gates to the Park.



Info and reservations: 0564 563376





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