Gateways to the Park in Monterotondo Marittimo

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Monterotondo Marittimo


Mubia geomuseum of the biancane


The MUBIA, the Geomuseum of the Biancane, is a place where it is possible to understand, through an evocative multimedia path, the geothermal phenomena that characterise the surrounding environment, a unique landscape where the heat of the earth can be “touched”. The museum also describes how man has been able to use energy and the products of such phenomena: from the discovery of boric acid to the production of electricity. In the MUBIA you can understand what geodiversity is, how minerals and rocks were formed, why the soil is so hot here and the causes of its unique colours and gaseous emissions. The MUBIA is the starting point for tours of the geological site, which is also a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) of the Natura 2000 European network with the name Campi Geotermici di Monterotondo Marittimo e Sasso Pisano.
Address Località Lagoni – Monterotondo Marittimo (GR)


Accessibility for people with disabilities: Accessible



Info and reservations: +39 3351017368



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