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The Municipality of Montieri, which is part of the Metalliferous Hills – Tuscan Mining Geopark, CETS accredited since 2014 (European Charter for Sustainable Tourism), is an area that preserves intact the wild charm of this part of Maremma, where the eye is caught by breathtaking views and lush vegetation, interspersed only by the visible traces left by a mining history that has spanned the millennia. A geomorphology that needs no presentation and that has earned it the title of UNESCO Geopark is the most important calling card of this authentic portion of Tuscan land. In addition to the main town, there is the charming village of Gerfalco, where every year the Festival delle Viole takes place, dedicated in particular to the viola da gamba and musical instruments from the Baroque and Renaissance repertoire.

The CAI trails throughout the area sometimes cross detours that bear Geopark signs: following them you will have the opportunity to explore geo-mineral aspects and enjoy unique environments. The Geopark also includes the other 6 municipalities of the Colline Metallifere Grossetane and a visit to the most important sites and routes will allow you to immerse yourself perfectly in the history and geology of the entire area. In each municipality you can get information at the Gates of the Park (tourist offices) where you will find brochures, suggestions and hiking maps.

The municipality of Montieri is also located within the most important geothermal basin in Europe. Thanks to the underground resources of this municipality, it is possible to produce about 1/3 of the electricity needs of the Region of Tuscany. The town of Montieri, in particular, is completely heated using geothermal steam, which earned it a Special Award in 2015: Klima Energy Awards.

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