The Parco delle Colline Metallifere (Metalliferous Hills Park) is a true cultural district, a geological, mining and industrial archaeology park in which the sites are integrated with natural and landscape resources, museum facilities and examples of medieval architecture and art. In addition to the evidence of the long mining history connected with the cultivation and processing of metalliferous resources, the Park’s territory is characterised by a complex and varied geodiversity, consisting of a wide range of rock formations dating from the Paleozoic to the Quaternary periods, mineral deposits and more than 250 identified mineral species.

The Mission of the Park, as indicated by the relevant decree, is as follows: to protect, recover and conserve for environmental, cultural, scientific, educational and tourist purposes, the sites and assets connected with mining activity; to recover and preserve in museums and archives the heritage of industrial archaeology, documents, books and photographs of cognitive interest regarding the mining history and culture; protect and preserve habitats, the cultural landscape and the human values connected with mining; promote, support and develop training and research activities in the historical, archaeological, scientific and technological fields, promote and support educational and artistic-cultural activities compatible with the values to be protected; promote cultural and environmental tourism.

Therefore, the Park aims at protecting and enhancing the geo-mineral heritage of the Metalliferous Hills, the result of working activities from antiquity to the present day. This heritage has already undergone radical changes and its protection from further destruction has the profound significance of capturing the great natural and cultural value of the area.