International and national collaborations

Unesco Geoparks Network

Geoparks are part of UNESCO’s International Geoscience and Geoparks Programme as UNESCO Global Geoparks. The Tuscan Mining Geopark has been listed since 2010.

Federparchi – Europarc Italy

The Italian Federation of Parks and Nature Reserves represents the system of protected natural areas in relations with international, national and local institutions. The Metalliferous Hills Park joined in 2011.

Ispra – Remi National Network of Italian Mining Museums and Parks

The REMI Project was born out of ISPRA’s desire to know the state of the art of disused mining areas with particular regard to their valorisation and musealisation. The Metalliferous Hills Park has been a member since its establishment in 2015.

University of Siena - Department of Physical Sciences of the Earth and the Environment

Thanks to the close cooperation between the two institutions, it was possible to set up a research grant and a research fellowship to study the geological heritage of the Park in greater depth.

Maremma Natural History Museum - Grosseto Culture Foundation

The Metalliferous Hills Park has been working with the Museum since 2020 on projects related to biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Global Geoparks Network

It is the network to which all UNESCO Geoparks must adhere. It is a non-profit organisation whose members are committed to working together and exchanging ideas.

Europarc Federation

Europarc Federation is Europe’s natural and cultural heritage network. The Metalliferous Hills Park joined in 2013.

Tuscany Region - Nature and Sea Sector

The Region of Tuscany, the Municipality of Montieri and the Park signed a three-year agreement in 2018 concerning some activities related to the management of the Cornate and Fosini Regional Nature Reserve. The agreement was renewed in 2021 for another five years.

University of Bari - Department of Earth Sciences

In 2020, a framework agreement was signed for scientific and educational collaboration between the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Bari and the Park in the field of geology.

Appian Defence System Network for the State of Piombino

This project involves networking all the entities in whose territory the ancient State of Piombino, founded by the Appiani family in 1399, fell. The Metalliferous Hills Park joined in 2021.

Geofood Network

GEOFood is a UNESCO World Geoparks Network project implemented by Magma Global Geopark for the sustainable development of local communities. The Tuscan Mining Geopark joined in 2020.

Meet Network

MEET is an international association of Mediterranean protected areas that are developing high quality ecotourism products that benefit nature conservation. The Metalliferous Hills Park joined in 2019.

Museum System of the Province of Grosseto - Museums of Maremma

The Museum System of Maremma, to which all the museums in the province of Grosseto belong, coordinates projects, training and promotion. The Metalliferous Hills Park joined the system in 2012.

Foundation for Sustainable Development

In 2018, a research collaboration agreement was signed for the drafting of a Green Economy Plan in the Metalliferous Hills Park.